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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

~ Leonardo da Vinci

dovetail ROUTER jigs AND templates

AKEDA's Most Recent New Accessories

Here they are:

  • A guide bushing set for making uniform 1/2" box joints.
  • An Index Strip Adjuster to allow you to use ANY width stock!
  • A new affordable starter kit called the A-Kit.
  • A stunning new wood storage case for your accessories! (Note - accessories not included)

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Discover the Joint Adventure™!

The AKEDA jig is unique. It is completely adjustment-free, always consistent and every one of your layouts is 100% repeatable with absolute accuracy!

There is no other dovetail jig like it.

AKEDA is the new generation of variable layout dovetail jigs. AKEDA is a joy to use! It's fast to learn, quick to set up and easy to operate. Watch these videos and you'll see why!

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Dovetail Joinery Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

The AKEDA is a simple elegant dovetail jig. It does everything the complicated dovetail jigs do, but without all the finagling. AKEDA provides you with an innovative variable layout system that's virtually adjustment-free! All you need is a router!

We designed AKEDA's dovetail jigs for commercial applications - it's the jig of choice by cabinetmakers and professional craftsmen. Why?

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Unique Features. Friendly Technology. Landmark Improvement

First, AKEDA dovetail jigs are built without compromise the old-fashioned way. We don't skimp on materials or features to save cost.

Second, professional woodworkers need productivity. So we designed a high precision, versatile dovetail jig, and we kept it user friendly. Variable layout hrough dovetail joints, variable layout half blind dovetail joints, rabbeted joints, variable layout box joints, sliding dovetails, and many other types of woodworking joints, they're all a breeze with the innovative AKEDA dovetail jig.

The result is a rugged, professional dovetail jig that will take a lot of abuse. Model DC16 weighs 30lbs, Model BC24 weighs 40lbs.

If you're new to woodworking, but you want a professional jig, you'll master the AKEDA in a matter of minutes. And you'll own a premium quality new generation dovetail jig that will last you a lifetime.

The Easy Choice

If you’re looking for a high quality dovetail jig that will truly deliver on its promises and produce the finest woodworking joints, quickly and simply, without all the fiddling, the new generation AKEDA dovetail jig is the easy choice.

Don't take our word for it. Read what the reviewers say, check out what existing owners say about their jig, and watch these unique animated AKEDA videos!

Explore The Joint Adventure™...

Industry Response

"If you have ever used any kind of dovetail jig before, setting up and using this jig will be a breeze, but if not, the technique will soon become familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed setting up and using this jig . . ." - American Router

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What Akeda users say:

Pigs really do fly! This jig has increased my efficiency tenfold. I have tried other jigs my friends own and yours is the only one that keeps my blood pressure low. I am the envy of my woodworking buddies, thanks to you! - J.C.

I researched many jigs before purchasing this one. This is the greatest. I am amazed with the ease of use. Simply the best jig on the market. – R.S.

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