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The world's only dovetail jig with Full Router Support and Dust Collection, designed right In from the start!

The AKEDA Difference

Health And Safety Is Paramount!

Here’s a summary of the features that make the AKEDA dovetail jig the safest and most enjoyable dovetail jig to own.

Passive Dust Collection

Wood dust and chips can accumulate on your shop floor very quickly, and even a thin layer can create a safety hazard. Plus, fine dust is a proven health hazard.

AKEDA offers a simple and elegant dust collection option for your AKEDA dovetail jig.

This is no "Rube Goldberg" afterthought. It was designed to be an essential part of the jig right from the beginning. There are no moving parts. You simply snap the innocuous nozzle into place once, connect it to your shop vacuum system, then forget about it. It will remove 99% of your wood chips and fine dust.

You never need to remove the dust collector. On other jigs, such as the Leigh dovetail jig, you will have to remove the entire dust collection system and front router support every time you remove, flip or rotate, and replace the guide finger assembly.

This dust collection system is one of AKEDA’s best features.

Router Support

The AKEDA dovetail jig incorporates two integral guide rails on which to rest your router. Since you don’t have to balance your router on the edge of a row of guide fingers or a template, you can concentrate more on routing.

The router support rails were designed right into the jig from the beginning. They are not an afterthought. On the Leigh dovetail jig, the front router support is an option, and must be removed every time you remove, flip or rotate, and replace the guide finger assembly.

Viewing Window

The AKEDA jig features a tough shatter-proof polycarbonate window across the front of the jig. This has three benefits. It allows you to safely check the router bit before you start routing, it protects you from being showered with wood dust, and provides protection from shrapnel from a shattered router bit. But ALWAYS wear safety equipment for added protection.

Enclosed Jig Body

The enclosed jig body is unique to the AKEDA dovetail jig. It ensures the shrapnel from a shattered router bit is contained within the jig. It also makes it far more difficult for your hands, clothing and jewelry to come into contact with the router bit during routing.

Safer Guide Fingers

AKEDA’s guide fingers are manufactured from injection molded carbon fiber reinforced resin. They machine very easily if they accidentally come into contact with your router bit.

Clearance Between Router Base and Guide Fingers

AKEDA’s guide fingers are set slightly below the level of the guide rails, so the risk of your router base snagging an improperly installed guide finger is completely eliminated. On the Leigh dovetail jig and the Porter Cable dovetail jig, your router may bump up over improperly installed guide fingers.

Power Cord Wand

Some of AKEDA’s accessory kits include a wand that keeps your power cord out of the way while you’re routing.

Uniform Parallel Clamping

Hand-free parallel clamping is a much safer way of securely and accurately clamping your work piece. There's no chance you forgot to tighten one end. And no guessing how much pressure you're applying. The clamp tubes on the AKEDA dovetail jig are too stiff to bend. Clamping pressures are uniform across the jig.

No Clothing Hazards

The jig only has one clamp knob, and it is removable. There are no screws and levers to snag clothing and jewelry, or the power cord.


Do You Have Special Needs?

We were surprised when we got our first phone call from a blind woodworker. He was thrilled with the AKEDA because it was the first time he was able to safely operate a dovetail jig.

We received another call from a woodworker with serious back problems. He was overjoyed because he could use the AKEDA dovetail jig sitting down, without being showered with wood dust.

These and other calls lead us to realize that the reasons everyone finds the AKEDA so user friendly are the same reasons why woodworkers with special needs find the AKEDA technology so attractive:

  • There is no assembly required. The jig is ready to use out of the box
  • There is only one clamp knob to operate
  • There are no fine scales to struggle with, and no adjustments to make
  • AKEDA’s guide fingers can be installed “by feel” alone
  • Your router always rests on the guide rails, so it won't tip
  • The jig body is enclosed, so there is greater protection for the operator
  • The jig body is devoid of dangerous projections, so there’s nothing to snag clothing
  • An operator can use the jig from a sitting position, and not get showered with dust

If you know someone with special needs who is unable to view this web site, tell them about AKEDA dovetail jig. They will find AKEDA is faster to learn, quicker to set up and easier to use than any other dovetail jig.


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Attach your shop vacuum system to the DC16 with the one-piece snap-in dust collector.


Integral front and rear guide rails provide full support for your router.


The user manual is a well-illustrated easy read that won't leave you confused.

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