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Professional Craftsmen

The AKEDA Difference

Parallel Jig - Unparalleled Value

The AKEDA dovetail jig is unique.

Many AKEDA dovetail jig owners tell us they own more than one dovetail jig, but when it actually comes time to use one, it’s always the AKEDA that they take down off the shelf.

Value Based On Cost Per Lb.

We spared no expense when we designed the AKEDA dovetail jig. You get a professional quality jig that will last a lifetime. There's a lot of good old fashioned steel in an AKEDA dovetail jig. And for good reason.

Professional craftsmen know a heavy tool provides a solid base to work on, and that's necessary for turning out quality work. AKEDA’s Model DC16 weighs 28lbs. Model BC24 weighs 38 lbs.

The AKEDA dovetail jig is less than $12.00 per lb. based on street price. Compare the value per lb. with the aluminum lightweights!

Pre-assembled And Ready To Use

The AKEDA dovetail jig is out of the box and into the shop. Nothing to assemble. It’s a solid compact box construction, and it takes up less space than any other dovetail jig of the same capacity. That’s important in a shop where space is at a premium.

Plus, it stores back on the shelf in its original carton without any disassembly, ready for the next time you need it.

Attain A High Level Of Productivity

Because the intuitive features of the AKEDA system eliminates the need for adjustments, it's a proven fact the AKEDA dovetail jig gets the job done in less time than any other variable layout dovetail jig. If your shop time is limited to evenings and weekends, or if you run a small- to medium-size cabinet shop, you’ll instantly recognize the productivity the AKEDA dovetail jig offers you.

You Make The Choice

The AKEDA is a professional quality dovetail jig. It has proven itself in six years of commercial use.

Invest in a tool that will last you a lifetime.


Make Your Project A Joint Adventure™!




Proven fact: The AKEDA jig gets the job done in less time than any other variable layout jig, and with greater precision.



Pre-assembled and ready to use, the AKEDA jig is out of the box and straight into the shop. And it fits back in the box when you're done!

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