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Discussion Forum Posts

Discussion forums are great for a range of opinion, but we recommend you do not rely on them too heavily. Our view is, there are better sources of more reliable information.

If you need technical support, call us first, toll free 877 387 6544 and we'll do our best to help. We have six years of technical support experience on the AKEDA jig, and the information we provide is 100% technically accurate.

If you're seeking independent opinion, the web reviewers and magazine reviewers are very well informed, and will provide you with a reliable professional opinion.

If you want to find out what existing jig owners think about their jig, read some of the user comments.

You can find references to AKEDA on the most of the woodworking discussion forums. For your convenience we've provided the following links. Most take you to the search page. Enter the search word "AKEDA".








This is a PDF of a typical discussion forum thread:

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