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AKEDA offers several kits and a variety of accessories to help you get the most out of your AKEDA jig.


Accessories & Kits


Why don't we include everything with the jigs? We don't know what you need.

AKEDA's jigs have many applications. For example, different applications will require a different router bit, or pair of bits, so you may not need all of them. So you can purchase router bits separately, or choose a bit set, an A-Kit, or a C-Kit.

Common Accessories        

Both AKEDA models share the same accessories. This avoids confusion and represents an economy that’s very appealing if you ever upgrade to a larger jig later, or need a second jig.

The prices below are suggested retail. You will benefit from a discount if you purchase an A-Kit or a C-Kit at the same time as you purchase your jig.

AKEDA 7pce. Bit Set (1)

P/N 3400   1/4" shank bits    Price:   US$95
P/N 3800   8mm shank bits   Price:   US$100
The Cutter set includes all seven cutters in a plastic storage case - all the bits you'll ever need for through dovetails, half blind dovetails, box joints, sliding dovetails, and more.

All AKEDA cutters are steel shank, tungsten carbide tipped. Choose between 1/4" shank bits, or 8mm shanks for greater strength and less vibration. If you don't have an 8mm collet for your router, you'll need a 1/2 ” to 8mm AKEDA collet reducer. All five dovetail bits have a slight spiral downcut profile, and both straight bits are plunge style.

Click here to view premium quality bits for the AKEDA system, manufactured by Whiteside under license.

AKEDA Dust Collector D-Kit (2)
P/N 3100
Price:   US$50
The Dust Collector Kit allows you to connect your jig to your shop vacuum system and remove close to 100% of your dust.

AKEDA 12pce. A-Kit (3)
P/N 3500
Price:   US$150
This excellent new starter kit contains the complete 7pce. bit set with 1/4" shank bits, the complete Dust Collector Kit, oversize and undersize guide bushings, and a power cord wand. Not exactly as illustrated above.

AKEDA 64pce. C-Kit (4)
P/N 3300
Price:   US$300

This kit contains most of the accessories available for your AKEDA dovetail jig.

It includes all the items in the A-Kit, i.e., the 7pce. Bit Set, the Dust Kit, oversize and undersize guide bushings, and a power cord wand. The C-Kit contains 8mm shank bits.

The C-Kit also contains one extra standard guide bushing, tail guide spacer extrusion (which you cut into shorter pieces to prevent routing between tail guides), and two collet reducers to fit the 8mm shank bits to your 1/2" router collet.

The C-Kit also contains ten of each of the 9°, 11°, 14°, and 20° through dovetail pin guides. You'll get better proportioned and stronger dovetails in thinner stock down to 1/4” thick.

Accessories Storage Case         

Imagine our excitement when we discovered the work of Michael Heffernan!

Michael designed and meticulously crafted this storage case for AKEDA accessories. We at AKEDA endorse it. It’s exclusive to The Jig Store. We believe it represents exceptional value.


For Further Information

Check the NEW PRODUCTS page for new accessories.

See the RESOURCES page for more information. Then click on "Downloads" in the left hand menu to view the PDF "How To Choose A Jig & Kit".


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