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BC24 Blanket Chest DOVETAIL Jig™

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Five Different Dovetail Pin Angles!

AKEDA Model BC24 dovetail jig is the newest addition to AKEDA’s line of woodworking jigs. Weighing a phenomenal 38lbs. of steel and aluminum, this heavyweight is built for the toughest commercial applications.

AKEDA Model BC24 is made specifically for dovetails on 24” deep carcasses. To view AKEDA's smaller 16" jig, click on "Drawer Construction Jig" in the menu on the left!

Variable Pin Angle – Stronger Dovetails

This feature is unique to all AKEDA dovetail jigs.

As well as the wood species, the strength of a dovetail joint is determined by three variables:

  • the strength of the adhesive,
  • the thickness of the stock, and
  • the angle of the dovetail.
There is a relationship between all three.

As your stock gets thinner, you need a steeper dovetail angle to maintain strength. And the steeper dovetail angle automatically provides a larger gluing area.

Finer Aesthetics

The AKEDA is the only dovetail jig that allows you to vary your through dovetail pin angle according to your stock thickness. There are five optional through dovetail pin angles, ranging from 7° for 3/4” stock up to 20° pins for 1/4” stock. A 6° pin guide and router bit for 1” stock will available later in 2008.

There’s a saying that goes, “If it looks right, it is right”, and steeper dovetail pin angles look right in thinner stock. They have greater holding power.

One more thing. AKEDA's dovetail bits are .445" diameter. It means you can create pins that are slightly more slender, and therefore more elegant and traditional than is possible with the common 1/2” dovetail jigs. Professional craftsmen spot this subtle difference right away.

My initial impressions, after 3 weeks of reading reviews of various dovetail jigs and gadgets, narrowed down to only two good machines that I was willing to part my hard earned money on. It seemed to be a dilemma, until I spoke to Kevan Lear of Akeda.

We spent literally hours on the phone discussing needs and wants as if we were old friends chatting over a cup of coffee. No commercialism, no arm bending, no knocking competitors, only a free flow of good information, sometimes way off the subject.

My decision was made and soon a heavy 40lb. box was at my door. Packed as well as I have seen in a long time. The equipment was clearly a new generation improvement on the old ideas: sleek, modern and functional. Attention to detail was evident and I was left with the impression, "This is professional!"

My quandary and indecision were totally appeased. This testimony is not only subjective, but objective, since I have extensive experience in production, equipment and quality control.

S.R.H. Texas


But Wait…  There’s More To Be Discovered!

Variable dovetail pin angle is just one of many features unique to the AKEDA dovetail jig. AKEDA's Model DC16 Drawer Construction Jig shares the same features. Play with the 3D model, read about the technology, and view the videos for further information.


AKEDA Offers You A Joint Adventure™!


AKEDA Model BC24
P/N 2400

Weight: 38lbs. (17.3kg.)

Conditional Lifetime Warranty

Price:  US$500

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BC24 accessories & kits

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