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"The AKEDA jig truly is a new approach to cutting dovetail joints - and a successful one."  - Fine Woodworking Magazine

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How To Contact AKEDA

Pre Sales Enquiry?

Considering an AKEDA jig, but haven't quite made up your mind? Have some specific questions and can't find the answer on the website? Want to know more about dovetail jigs in general without any sales pressure?

Technical Support?

Having a technical problem with your AKEDA jig? Thought of a way we can improve our products? Have you discovered something new that the AKEDA jig will do?

Seven Days a Week!

During our normal business hours (west coast, Pacific Standard Time), we'll normally respond to your phone call or email right away.

But we also provide service and technical support . . .

                            . . . SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

Yes, we're usually available evenings and weekends! We can't guarantee the same fast service, but we'll do our best!

Who will I get to talk to?

You get direct access to Kevan Lear, inventor and designer of the AKEDA jig. He has eleven years experience with the AKEDA jig. He also designed the Leigh jig, so if you're at the decision stage in choosing a high end dovetail jig, you'll get a qualified and unbiased opinion.

Other Resources

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Product Availability

To reserve a jig on the next shipment, send an email request to:

<contactus (at) thejigstore (dot) com>

Telephone and Email

To contact AKEDA, use the following email address. Note the correct spelling of "kevan":

kevan (at) akeda (dot) com

Or call toll free: 877 387 6544
Tel: +1 604 484 4893

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