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A simple, elegant dovetail jig.
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DC16 Drawer Construction DOVETAIL Jig™

Quicker On The Drawer™!

Speed is what AKEDA’s Model DC16 dovetail jig is all about. It's the quickest on the drawer!

Faced with a tight deadline for dovetailing all those kitchen cabinet drawers? Don't have time to study a thick manual and fiddle with a complicated jig? Dread making a lot of test cuts until you get the right fit? You need a pleasant solution.

Here’s the good news. Model DC16 dovetail jig was made for drawer-making!

The AKEDA DC16. It Works Like Magic!

Someone once wrote on a discussion forum, “Dovetail jigs are mysterious devices demonstrated by magicians at woodworking shows”.

That was once true – until AKEDA introduced its unique dovetail jig technology with variable layout and variable pin angle. Why?

Complete Freedom From Adjustment

Because the AKEDA Models DC16 and BC24 dovetail jigs are virtually free of adjustments. Here’s how easy it is.

First lay out your guide fingers to suit your stock width. Actually deciding on the truly repeatable layout on your variable pitch jig might be the toughest part of the job!

From then on, you can change your stock thickness, switch between through dovetails, half blinds and box joints, alternate between pins and tails, form rabbeted drawer fronts, and even vary your pin angle - all without a single adjustment to the jig.

It really is that easy! The only moving parts are the clamp tubes!

The AKEDA dovetail jig is so foolproof, oversize and undersize guide bushings are used to make fine adjustments to joint fit.

500% easier and faster than when we used a Leigh jig to make 40 drawers for our workbenches. It took us two weeks to learn how in order to get consistent work. Your jig, 1-1/2 hours to read the manual and get a good result. – E.L.

Pigs really do fly! This jig has increased my efficiency tenfold. I have tried other jigs my friends own and yours is the only one that keeps my blood pressure low. I am the envy of my woodworking buddies, thanks to you! - J.C.

I bought the Akeda because it looked intuitive to use. It really is. Even better is that (the demonstrator) didn't have to exaggerate. He said the first perfect dovetail slides together less than an hour after opening the box. He could have said 30 minutes and there still would have been time for coffee. – S.O.

But Wait…  It Doesn’t End There!

Complete freedom from adjustment is only one of many features unique to AKEDA. AKEDA's Model BC24 Blanket Chest Jig shares the same features. Play with the 3D model, read about the technology, and view the videos for further information.

Don’t believe us?


Read The Reviews. Drawer Your Own Conclusion!


AKEDA Model DC16
P/N 1600

Weight: 28lbs. (12.7kg.)

Conditional Lifetime Warranty

Price:  US$330

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DC16 accessories & kits

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