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New For 2013

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New For 2010

Index Strip Adjuster

Most of us work with stock in 1/8" increments, so AKEDA's 1/8" incremental spacing is never a problem.

However, this new accessory allows you to center your guide finger layout on any width workpiece. Fits all models. Jigs manufactured prior to 2007 require a 10-minute modification. Available now. Click here to view the Instruction Sheet.

Uniform 1/2" Box Joints

You can already make variable layout box joints on the AKEDA jig using the existing tail guides, half blind pin guides, guide bushings and a box joint bit.

Now you can make uniform 1/2" box joints by ganging your existing half blind pin guides together to form a 1/2" box joint template!

If you already have AKEDA's .350" box joint bit, all you need is this new .578" guide bushing. Oversize .582" and undersize .574" guide bushings are also available for adjusting your joint fit.

Click here to download the instruction sheet. Available now.

New Accessory "A-Kit"

AKEDA's new 12pce. A-Kit replaces the discontinued 10pce. B-Kit. It contains the complete dust kit, the complete 7pce. bit set with 1/4" shank bits, oversize and undersize guide bushings for adjusting the fit of your joint, and a power cord wand.

This kit allows you to form variable layout 7 degree through dovetails, five sizes of variable layout half-blind dovetails, and variable layout box joints.

Accessories Storage Case


Many AKEDA jig owners asked for a case to store the accessories, but the perfect solution always eluded us. Until now.

The moment we saw this gorgeous storage case, we had to have one for ourselves! Designed and lovingly crafted by Michael Heffernan, it embodies everything we strive for in our own products – simple, elegant design and unsurpassed quality - and incredible value.

This storage case features the finest selected hardwoods, and is finished with an attention to detail rarely seen. And yes, of course, the dovetails are formed on Michael’s AKEDA jig!

We recommend this storage case. It makes a great gift! Available from The Jig Store.

Oversize and Undersize Straight Bits

We have on clearance a few oversize (P/N 3482) and undersize (P/N 3483) straight bits, both with 1/4" shanks. They're available from The Jig Store and they're priced right. Here's how you can save money with them:

Just use an undersize straight bit with an undersize guide bushing, or an oversize straight bit with an oversize guide bushing. It's exactly the same as using a standard size straight bit with a standard size guide bushing!

Price Changes

Please note, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Advance notice is provided as a service only. Dealer Prices will take precedence over all other sources, including this website, magazine advertising etc. We do not announce price changes on accessories.


New For 2009

There were no price increases for 2009! Model DC16 is the same price as it was nine years ago!


New For 2008

Pricing Changes

There are minor pricing changes to a few items, but the street price of Model DC16 Drawer Construction Jig is exactly the same as it was eight years ago!

New Products

We've listened to your requests and introduced the following new product:

AKEDA 2008 Model BC24 Blanket Chest Jig

AKEDA's big new 38lb. professional-grade dovetail jig for your blanket chest or other larger project!

Click here for more information.

AKEDA 2008 Model DC16 Drawer Construction Jig

AKEDA's Model DC16 is even better than before! We've made the improvements you asked for! Stiffer clamp tubes, front guide rail center support, half blind pin stops, guide bushing, more guide fingers, plus a few other structural changes you'll never see! We've even tweaked our quality control process to bring you the highest quality fully-assembled dovetail jig available anywhere.


AKEDA Oversize and Undersize Guide Bushings

These new .004" oversize and undersize guide bushings replace the undersize and oversize straight bits respectively. They can be used with one bit, or both if necessary. They are included with the B-Kit and C-Kit, and also available as separate accessories.

Product Updates

Please note the following:

AKEDA Router Bits

All AKEDA's router bits now have an 8mm shank. All the straight bits are now plunge bits.

Some routers include an 8mm collet, some you can order one from the manufacturer. If not, you will need an AKEDA 8mm adaptor for your 1/2" collet. It's available as an accessory and it's also included in the C-Kit. These 8mm shank bits are stronger and stiffer, and will help reduce vibration.

AKEDA Oversize and Undersize Straight Bits

The .004" oversize and .004" undersize straight bits are discontinued. Instead, use the .004" undersize and .004" oversize guide bushings respectively (see above).

AKEDA 7pce. Bit Set

The bit set no longer includes the oversize and undersize straight bits, but we've added the .350" box joint bit to the set. All bits have an 8mm shank and both straight bits are plunge cutters.

AKEDA 64pce. C-Kit

The DC Kit has been replaced with the new C-Kit. It now includes the stronger 8mm shank bits, a 1/2" to 8mm collet reducer, an extra length of tail guide spacer extrusion, and a box joint bit.

Since the oversize and undersize straight bits are discontinued, the C-Kit now contains all three guide bushings (standard, oversize and undersize). The half blind pin stops are now included with the dovetail jigs.

The new C-Kit now contains over $350 in accessories if purchased separately.

AKEDA 2008 Model DC16 and BC24 Dovetail Jigs

Both dovetail jigs now include the standard guide bushing and a pair of half blind pin stops. The DC16 now includes ten of each guide finger (previously nine) and the BC24, fifteen of each.

Advanced Resources

We've added several useful technical bulletins to the Resources page in downloadable PDF format. Click here to view.


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