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Joint spacing is truly repeatable and absolutely accurate. You

can even duplicate your layout on another AKEDA jig!



We’ve provided the following PDFs for more detailed reading. They are sized 8-1/2" x 11" (A4), except where stated.


User Manual

This PDF file is a copy of the AKEDA User Manual. Reduced in size to print two pages to one 8-1/2” x 14” (or B5) printer page.

PDFUserManual.pdf (large file, 50 pages, 3.3mb)


How To Choose A Jig and Kit

Download this PDF if you need help choosing jigs, kits and accessories.

PDFChoose A Jig & Kit.pdf (two pages, 36k)


Kit Contents and Pricing

This document may not be current. Where there are differences between prices displayed on this website, national magazine advertising and all other public sources, the Dealer Price will take precedence.

PDFKit Contents & Pricing.pdf (one page, 36k)


Joint Guide

Here is some more detailed information about selecting accessories.

PDFJoint Guide.pdf (one page, 36k)



If you have a passion for specifications, this PDF is for you!

PDFSpecifications.pdf (one page, 48k)


Half Blind Dovetail Depth Variations

Use O/S and U/S guide bushings to get nine more HBD depths of cut.

PDFHB Depth Variations (one page, 48k)


Sliding Dovetails

Here's one way to make sliding dovetails on the AKEDA jig.

PDFSliding Dovetails (five pages, 208k)


Making Drawers

Confused about orienting stock to make drawers? Here are the rules.

PDFQuick On The Drawer (one page, 44k)


Dovetail Angle

So you think the traditionalists nailed it with the "perfect" dovetail angle? You might be surprised at the answer!

PDFDovetail Strength (three pages, 80k)


Variable Layout 3/8" Box Joints

Just like it says, variable layout box joints on your AKEDA jig!

PDFVariable Layout Box Joints (three pages, 80k)


Uniform 1/2" Box Joints

Template style 1/2" box joints using only your half blind pin guides.

PDF1/2" Box Joints (one page, 44K)


Index Strip Adjustment

How to fine tune your jig by adjusting the index strip.

PDFIndex Strip Adjustment (two pages, 68k)


About Routers

Most routers are not designed for a dovetail jig. Here's how you can overcome some of the problems.

PDFRouters (one page, 68k)


The Dreaded Tear Out

Suffering from tear out?. Forget adhesive tape. The AKEDA jig was designed to make preventing tear out dead easy!

PDFTear Out (one page, 40k)


Thin Pins and Narrow Tails

Did you know, you can use your AKEDA jig to make those thin pins found on traditional furniture? Here's how!

PDFThin Pins (two pages, 68K)


If there is some other information you'd like us to publish on this web page, please tell us!


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