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Fine Woodworking

1 - November/December 2006 - "The AKEDA jig truly is a new approach to cutting dovetail joints - and a successful one. If it were 24in. wide, it would give the Leigh D4R tough competition . . ." (The 24" wide AKEDA is here!)

2 - "Jigs for (variable spaced dovetails) are notorious for their mechanical complexity. But a new jig on the market, the AKEDA DC16, takes much of the hair-pulling out of dovetailing with a router."

3 - 2009 Tool Guide - Rated (by readers) ahead of the Keller, Katie Jig, Porter Cable 4212, Festool VS-600 and Hart Design.

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American Woodworker

1- March/April 2006 - Read how the AKEDA compares to other jigs.

2 - "Getting started with the new AKEDA DC16 dovetail jig ($300) is as simple as taking it out of the box and clamping it to a bench."

3 - March/April 2008 - "Using the Akeda is very simple. You don’t have to adjust the jig or do a lot of trial and error cutting to get the joint to fit right."

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4 - February 2009 Tool Special - "The AKEDA DC16 and BC24 jigs excel at creatingvariable-spaced half blind and through dovetails."

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American Router

March/April 2005 - "If you have ever used any kind of dovetail jig before, setting up and using this jig will be a breeze, but if not, the technique will soon become familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed setting up and using this jig . . ."

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Renovation Bricolage

Vol. 28 No.3 - banc d'essai - Le guide de queues d'aronde AKEDA, modele DC16 - " En un mot, pour le bricoleur qui ne façonne que rarement des queues d'aronde, la scie à main et le ciseau à bois feront l'affaire. Mais pour le mordus, le guide Akeda constitue une belle innovation."

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Canadian Woodworking Magazine

"I’ve tried several other jigs, and find that AKEDA is a cut above the competition. I didn’t have to finagle with anything . . . AKEDA: dovetails made easy."

"Akeda... blew me away with its ease of use, simplicity of design, and innovation... Akeda... Model DC16... has so many neat features that you just have to see it for yourself."

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Popular Woodworking

June 2003 - ". . . you can go to town making half-blind dovetails all day long . . . easy to use dovetail jig that offers a good range of design versatility . . . you get no-hassle joinery with a lot of options for a pretty reasonable price."

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Canadian Home Workshop

". . . the first dovetails I cut with the jig fit perfectly and were done about 20 minutes after the jig was out of the box, well, enough said."

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"Back in 2002 we tested what we thought was one of the finest dovetail jigs on the market...  six years later that statement still holds true."

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Woodshop News

February 2003 - "AKEDA has introduced a variable layout dovetail jig which . . . is completely free of adjustments, since the only moving parts are the clamp bars."

February 2008 - "Users are able to choose one of five different through dovetail angles to suit their stock thickness. Changing dovetail angle requires no compensation or adjustment to the jig."

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Canadian Home Workshop Magazine

"The innovative Akeda variable pitch dovetail jig comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box..."

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