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Where do you go to get the straight goods in the confusing world of dovetail jigs? Who can you trust?

Vanilla magazine reviews that walk a fine line with their advertisers? The store clerk who's been told to push a particular brand? The discussion forums where everyone's an expert?

All the following reviews point out the pros and the cons of the AKEDA system with fairness and objectivity. Some are experienced and reputable woodworkers who really know their tools. Some provide thoughtful in-depth comparisons with other jigs. Others share their experiences, from the moment they unpack their new jig, to their first dovetail.

Even though we may not always agree with them, we selected these particular reviews because are about as unbiased as you will ever get.

Where a professional reviewer received a test jig from AKEDA, this is always clearly stated by the reviewer.


David Thiel

David, in his own words, has "...never made a dovetail. Not by hand, not by machine. I’ve never even seen a dovetail jig used (except on New Yankee Workshop). To be perfectly honest, I didn’t (until this morning) know the difference between a pin and a tail."

Read how David goes through the process of cutting his first dovetail on the AKEDA jig. Later he emails us, "The (AKEDA) jig definitely delivers on its promises. If a newbie like me could use it in a half an hour, I'm sure an experienced craftsman would find it great for production work."

Also check out the short video following this lumberjocks.com review:

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Mike Heffernan

Mike says, "I had the new 24 inch PC Omnijig, but was frustrated with the time to set-up and having to make multiple test cuts to get it dialed in. I wound up selling it and got the Akeda."

He goes on to say, "I read the manual before making any cuts. But the jig is incredibly intuitive that I could have snapped the fingers into place and ploughed out the DTs without it...  I bet that once I get used to it, I could knock out a drawer box in 5 minutes, set-up to finish. IMO, it’s that easy."

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Jack Loganbill

Jack is an experienced and highly respected full time professional woodworker who pulls no punches. He goes into the kind of detail you're looking for, and compares AKEDA with the other jigs he owns.

After comparing AKEDA with several other jigs, he writes, "If I was required to choose only one jig...  I would choose the AKEDA BC 24. The overall ease of use of the AKEDA, and the broad variety of dovetails it produces, is amazing."

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Charlie B

You want someone who's truly unbiased and independent? Charlie has studied every feature of AKEDA's jigs and walks you through all the innovative features in detail. He explains it better than we do!

He writes, "(there are) a LOT of subtle, but important things about (the AKEDA) jig that make it different and better than ANY other variable spacing dovetail jig out there."

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Deke says, "...I work in the design of technology and used to work in developing technology for people with disabilities." He titles his review of the AKEDA technology, "The Apple Macintosh of Dovetail jigs."

He writes, "The designer actually worked for Leigh Industries designing their dovetail jigs, but went on his own. His goal was ease of use, great results and versatility. I’d say he achieved all that in spades."

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Chris Baylor

Chris writes reviews for "about.com:woodworking", a very professional website and great source of information about woodworking tools. Chris knows his craft and you can rely on what he has to say.

He writes, "Occasionally, someone... invents the better mousetrap. In the world of dovetail jigs, AKEDA may have achieved such a lofty status."

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Tim Albers

Tim wrote this brief review for Fine WoodWorking magazine. This particular magazine earns our respect for daring to publish its findings, even at the risk of offending its long-time advertisers.

He writes, "The Akeda jig truly is a new approach to cutting dovetail joints—and a successful one. If it were 24 in. wide, it would give the Leigh D4R tough competition for the Best-Overall award."

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Howard Ruttan

Hand cut dovetails? Howard's your man! Even though he was very impressed with the AKEDA jig, we suspect he's still cutting them by hand while his AKEDA gathers dust somewhere on a shelf in his shop!

He writes, "The AKEDA... makes dovetailing fun. The safe, repeatable results easily approximate the look of hand cut dovetails with all the quality . . . with fewer steps . . . and in a shorter period of time."

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John Lucas - woodshopdemos.com

Everyone knew John Lucas. He has since passed away, but his website is still up. He was one of the best known woodworking web personalities. His excellent review is very detailed and there are plenty of images.

He wrote, "I love the results of the AKEDA Jig so far. This is a well designed and manufactured instrument."

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Graham McCulloch - shortcuts.ns.ca

Graham is very well known to woodworkers in Eastern Canada, where he writes a column for a Nova Scotia newspaper. When you read his review, you can bet that what he tells you is based on first hand experience.

He writes, "The AKEDA DC-16 Dovetail Jig is without question the finest tool that this woodworker has ever used." Click here to view the article in PDF format (28 KB).


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