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When you watch these AKEDA videos you’ll learn how easy it is to use the AKEDA jig. There is no sound. Four other videos are listed to the right. Click on the sub menu items to the left to access other resources.

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These AKEDA videos demonstrate the basic principle of the AKEDA dovetail jig system. View the videos in sequence, and you will see how simple to operate the AKEDA dovetail jig really is!

The AKEDA jig comes with everything you need... except a pencil!

And with nothing to adjust on the jig, the AKEDA dovetail jig really is the easiest dovetail jig to set up and use!

Nothing has been glossed over in these AKEDA videos. We used video animation so we could remove the router and show you exactly what's happening inside the jig. We've even animated the AKEDA's efficient dust collection system removing 99% of the dust and chips created by the cutter!

Please note, the brass ring around the cutter represents the barrel of the guide bushing. NEVER use the AKEDA jig without a guide bushing,

AKEDA Video 1 - Clamping - Learn how AKEDA's three fixed, gear-driven dedicated clamping systems make life so much easier.

AKEDA Video 2 - Guide Fingers - See how the guide fingers lock into place, and cannot slip sideways or vibrate loose.

AKEDA Video 3 - Through Dovetails - See how quickly and easily you can set the cutter depth and form variable through dovetails.

AKEDA Video 4 - Half Blind Dovetails - Find out how you can form perfect variable half blind dovetails in minutes.

AKEDA Video 5 - Box Joints - Learn how easy it is to make box joints with the AKEDA jig. They feature attractive uneven spacing.

Sliding dovetails, inlaid dovetails, mixed angle dovetails, end-to-end dovetails, and many other types of joinery are also easy to do on the AKEDA dovetail jig.

Nothing To Measure

Create your own layout, install your workpiece, set your cutter depth, and away you go. You'll never need to measure anything! You can see how this is done in the AKEDA videos.

Even when you're forming inlaid dovetails, AKEDA's incremental guide finger positioning system ensures your inlay will always be precisely the same from pin to pin and from joint to joint, without measurement.

The AKEDA jig is unique. It is completely adjustment-free, consistent and repeatable with absolute accuracy!

Duplicate Any Layout!

We've all experienced almost completing a project, making a mistake, and having to start from scratch again, making new joints.

The AKEDA incremental guide finger positioning system alleviates this problem. Unlike the Leigh dovetail jig and the Porter Cable dovetail jig, the AKEDA dovetail jig will duplicate any layout months later; it will duplicate a layout at the oposite end of the jig; and it will even duplicate a layout on another AKEDA jig. And the AKEDA jig is guaranteed to do it with absolute accuracy, every time.

The Most Versatile Dovetail Jig

All these unique features have earned the AKEDA jig the title, "Most Versatile" dovetail jig on the market today!



You will need to have Adobe “Flash Player ” installed to view the AKEDA videos. You can download the software here:

AKEDA Video 1

Duration:1 min. 54 sec.
File Size: 5.5 MB

AKEDA Video 2

Guide Fingers
Duration:2 min. 38 sec.
File Size: 7.6 MB

AKEDA Video 3

Through Dovetails
Duration:4 min. 43 sec.
File Size: 13.6 MB

AKEDA Video 4

Half Blind Dovetails
Duration:4 min. 39 sec.
File Size: 13.4 MB

AKEDA Video 5

Box Joints
Duration:5 min. 17 sec.
File Size: 19.1 MB


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