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Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

Believe it or not, we've only ever had six warranty replacements in eleven years of business. An enviable record, especially when you consider that all of the replacements stemmed from a minor error in the end plate tooling. The error showed up in our first production run in 2001 and we immediately corrected it.

We also note that AKEDA owners refuse to part with their AKEDA jig, as confirmed by the absence of used AKEDA jigs on Ebay.

Given the above, we've made some changes to our warranty.

Commercial and Professional Owners


It's no longer necessary to register your warranty. The standard two-year warrany applies.

Home and Hobby Owners

It's no longer necessary to register your warranty if you are a home or hobby owner!

In fact, because of the stringent quality control measures we applied after our first production run, and the consistent reliability of our products, we have granted you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your jig when it's used solely for home or hobby woodworking - provided you don't abuse or misuse it of course!

We believe this is a first for a dovetail jig!


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